The internet-scale computing and services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers, dramatically reduces wait time to provision IT resources by rolling out apps and infrastructure in minutes. Azure cloud server also allows scaling up or scaling down as needed for a wide range of app hosting scenarios which makes it adaptable to the changing business needs. It includes a number of features with corresponding developer services that can be used individually or together.

MDSC1 is a prominent Microsoft cloud provider in the UAE and it is a one stop window for Microsoft Azure consulting, onboarding, migration and support services.

What can we do?

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Iaas provides virtual machines that use either Windows or Linux in less than 10 minutes and that is very useful for getting new apps to the market faster.

The network is designed for quick deployment of web apps on IaaS. The scaling of infrastructure up or down is easy when app demand is unpredictable.

Iaas makes the machines suitable for high performance computing with load balancing.

As your IaaS service provider, we help you achieve high availability, disaster recovery and business continuity.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

As Platform as a service providers, we help you create or customize cloud applications using inbuilt software components.

With PaaS, run websites and cloud services on Azure for maximum availability and standard SLA.

Take better business decisions with analytics or BI tools as a service.

Pay-as-you-go services allow organizations to leverage sophisticated development software and tools without any upfront investment.

Software as a service (SaaS)

Use state of the art applications, like CRM, ERP etc. without purchasing or maintaining any hardware or software.

Scale SaaS services up or down per your organization’s requirement and pay for only what you use.

As your Software as a service providers, we help you to access your app data from wherever you want and achieve mobility for your workforce.

Azure multifactor authentication

Connect cloud applications with different services and workloads using Microsoft Azure.

Use multifactor authentication to secure cloud applications.

Deploy standalone multifactor authentication server for on premise applications.

Secure access to your organizational applications and data while providing easy sign-in process.

Secure storage and DR

We provide as much storage as you want with multi-site replication mechanism and variety of interfaces.

Use Azure as a disaster recover site for your data and store long term backup on azure storage using StorSimple appliance.

Get better compliance, low cost disaster recovery and automated data management with increased IT agility.

Rapid availability

Build simple or complex test/dev infrastructure in a very short time.

Reactivate pre-configured test/dev infrastructure in few minutes.

Extend on premise network to cloud IaaS and connect both machines in the cloud on premise using site-to-site VPN connectivity.